Traffic congestion decreased in 387 cities worldwide as a result of the pandemic-spurred remote-work trend, according to the 2020 TomTom Traffic Index.

The U.S. and Canada had the lowest congestion levels in 2020, the report said, adding that Minneapolis had the highest number of days with low traffic, with 219 days where congestion levels were at least 50 percent lower than the same days in 2019.

“COVID-19 could change traffic forever,” TomTom suggested in the study.  “We’ll no longer waste hours stuck in traffic as working from home will become the norm for most jobs. Rush-hour traffic will all but disappear, making journeys faster and less stressful.

TomTom predicted that the continuation of remote work beyond the pandemic could reduce reliance on fossil fuels and cut CO2 emissions.

TomTom, known for its satellite navigation, surveyed 416 cities across 57 countries. The company has been tracking global urban traffic trends for 10 years.

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