Remote Report is a new source for business leaders to find insights, trends, best practices and analyses on the evolving world of remote work.

Amid a global technological boom and economically depressing pandemic, this new industry went prime time to keep the world alive. It’s evolved over decades, to the point of forever changing the way we work and play post-pandemic.

Founded in 2021, Remote Report covers the business of the remote work industry, from tech players battling over how we communicate to real-time lessons learned by Fortune 500 companies transitioning to a home-based work environment. Remote Report strives to provide both timely coverage and deep-dive reporting on the companies, leaders, funders, workers and laws transforming the globe through remote work.

Bob Richards
Bob is the founder and publisher of Remote Report. He’s worked throughout the U.S. and internationally for early-stage startups and large enterprises. Bob is passionate about creating a productive workplace through people empowerment, leveraging technology and promoting collaboration. He believes the remote workplace has an enormous impact on all of us and he strives to deliver noteworthy content addressing the challenges and opportunities while also reporting experiences from around the globe. Remote Report serves everyone in every aspect of running a business. Contact Bob at bob@remotereport.com.


Stephen Taylor
Stephen Taylor is the executive editor of Remote Report. He has more than 25 years of journalism experience in fields including technology, international finance, transportation and energy. He served in a variety of roles for Bloomberg News, including as the deputy bureau chief in Paris. He also worked as an editor for The Wall Street Journal and the International Herald Tribune. Contact him at stephen@remotereport.com.
Linda Hervieux
Linda Hervieux is a Paris-based journalist, author and photographer. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, TIME, Daily Beast, New York Daily News, nbcnews.com among other publications.
    Sono Motoyama
    Sono Motoyama has written for The New York Times Magazine, The Verge, The Independent and many other publications. She lives in the Paris region.
      Jonathan Berr
      Jonathan Berr is a New Jersey-based freelance writer specializing in business, economics and political topics. His work has appeared in Forbes, BBCNews.com and CBSNews.com, among others.
        Maura C. Ciccarelli
        Maura C. Ciccarelli has written extensively on topics including business, healthcare/medicine, education, technology and nonprofits. She has been a long-time contributor to Human Resource Executive magazine and previously worked for Risk & Insurance magazine. She and her photographer husband travel full time, living in their vintage Airstream travel trailer.
          Gregory Viscusi
          Gregory Viscusi is a Paris-based writer with 30 years of experience reporting from Europe for leading U.S. media outlets, including Bloomberg News and Dow Jones. He’s reported from more than 40 countries on a wide variety of political, economic, and social issues, and is a frequent commentator on English and French language television.
            Kristen Fischer
            Kristen Fischer is a writer from the Jersey Shore and has been published in Parade, Writer's Digest, Home Business and New Jersey Monthly.
              Brennen Jensen
              Brennen is a former senior writer for the Baltimore City Paper and the Chronicle of Philanthropy. He also is the co-author of two history books and has written for a range of outlets, including National Public Radio, AARP Magazine, Johns Hopkins Public Health, and Garden & Gun. He lives in Baltimore.
                Scarlet Schwenk
                Scarlet Schwenk, an intern for Remote Report, is a college student at California State University and works as the managing editor for the school newspaper, The Pioneer. She lives in the Bay Area.

                  Business Operations

                  Renata Virk-Benstead
                  Renata is based in Sonoma, Calif., and has over a decade of experience in developing and successfully launching print and web publications.
                    Michael Catanzaro
                    Michael Catanzaro has been programming for more than 35 years, starting on Mainframe and AS400 computers as an applications lead. In 2008, he started building websites. He has been successfully managing his own business for more than 12 years.
                      Tony Hopfinger
                      Tony Hopfinger is a longtime editor and writer, working for local and national publications in Wisconsin, Idaho, California and Alaska. He co-founded and ran Alaska Dispatch, a scrappy news operation that shook up Alaska journalism and politics in the 2010s. He now lives in the Chicago area.
                        Nick Valese
                        Nicholas Valese is a creative supporting a wide range of design solutions over his 20 years of experience. He can sometimes be found in Virginia Beach, VA.