Thirty-two percent of women with child-care responsibilities are less likely to leave their jobs if remote work is offered, according to a survey by Catalyst.

“Having remote work access allows people to do their work in the best way possible for them at the best time possible given their schedules,” Tara Van Bommel, a statistician director at Catalyst, said in the report.

In addition, making remote work more accessible also increases equity for women in the workplace, Catalyst said in the study.

It also found that of workers with the ability to work remotely, 75 percent are more likely to report being engaged; 63 percent are more likely to be innovative; 68 percent are more likely to report high commitment and 93 percent are more likely to feel included.

The survey by Catalyst, a global nonprofit organization that aimed at building workplaces for women, polled more than 7,400 employees worldwide.

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