The Wichita Falls, Texas, Chamber of Commerce announced a new plan to pay companies incentives to hire its residents as remote workers, Working for All Alike (WFAA), a Dallas, Texas-based news station reported.

The program is focused on finding jobs for two groups: military spouses and recent graduates of Midwestern State University, the city’s public liberal-arts college, WFAA said on its website. Each job must pay a minimum of $15 an hour, and offer health-care benefits. Those who are employed must show proof of residence for at least six months prior to getting the job.

The town, which has about 100,000 residents, will negotiate pay with companies, depending upon how much they will pay employees, the news site said. Pay for companies could be $3,000, $5,000 or more, David Leezer, vice president of Business Attraction for the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce, told WFAA.

“We still think that there will be a fair amount of employees who will remain remote. Instead of having 60 percent of their workforce being remote, maybe they’ll have 2 percent. We’d be happy to be part of that 2 percent,” Leezer said, according to the news site.

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