Contrary to other Wall Street firms, Wells Fargo will allow some of its employees to work remotely after the pandemic ends, The New York Times reported.

Work arrangements will vary by job type, the news site wrote, citing a company memo sent to staff members on July 16. The bank plans to bring some remote workers back to the office starting Sept. 7 through October — later than other banks, such as JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs, which have also been more insistent about in-office presence.

“When we return, our schedules will mostly resemble our pre-pandemic working approach, with additional flexibility,” Scott E. Powell, Wells Fargo’s chief operating officer, wrote in the memo, according to The New York Times.

Corporate employees will return in October, spending a minimum of three days a week in the office and the majority of technology workers will have more options to work remotely, the  memo said.

Those working in operations and the call center will work on a rotational system in September, and branch workers will stay at their workplaces, which have mostly remained open during the health crisis.

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