Uber backtracked on its plan to have employees come in to the office at least three days a week and now will allow staff to work 100 percent remotely or choose a new office location, different from their pre-pandemic location, Nikki Krishnamurthy, chief human-resources officer, wrote in a blog post.

The ride-sharing company asked those who come back to the office to spend at least half of their time there, but scheduling office time will be flexible, the executive said.

“This can be three days one week and two days the next week, or five days one week and 0 days the next week, depending on what works best for the employee and their team,” Krishnamurthy detailed.

Uber in-house surveys found two-thirds of employees prefer a hybrid model, combining remote and in-person work.

Those who opt to work remotely will have periodic in-person meetings to benefit from collaboration, the post said.

“Our hope is that this provides a chance to spend more time with family, an opportunity to explore new places and a refreshing change of scenery,” Krishnamurthy said.

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