Leaders of U.S. federal agencies should allow staff to “work where they want and how they want” to bolster workforce resiliency even after the pandemic ends and offices reopen, according to a study.

The pandemic “has shattered negative notions around telework, proving that moving the mission forward with remote workers is a viable option that does not impinge on employee productivity,” the study by the Partnership for Public Service said.

The report, entitled “Resilient: Keeping Your Wits – Workforce, Innovation, Technology and Security – About You, polled 200 leaders of federal agencies.

Still, not all employees will want to continue working remotely when returning to an office becomes an option, the study added.

“While some employees are more productive working from home, others have found they are more productive when collaborating in person, or that they do not have the technology to support remote work in the long run,” it said.

“Agencies need to work with individual employees to determine the best option for how, when and from where those individuals get their work done, based on personal work styles and circumstances,” the report said. “Managing and monitoring performance also should be tailored to fit the unique needs of employees working remotely and those who return to an office to work in person.”

Department of Labor Chief Information Officer Gundeep Ahluwalia added in the study that “the future of work will be flexible,” with some employees working remotely almost all the time and others working from agency offices.

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