If the global pandemic wasn’t enough to stress workers out, the idea of
taking a much-needed sick day only compounds the anxiety for many
employees working from home, a study showed.

About 51 percent of people who work entirely remotely feel more stressed or
anxious about taking a sick day this year than in past years, compared
with about a third of people who work entirely in-person, MDLIVE, a
company that provides online alternatives to urgent-care visits, said in
a statement on its website. Its survey polled 2,000 workers.

“The sick day experience, meant to enable workers to set aside their
worries to focus on rest and recovery from illness, has for many people
morphed into full-blown stress and anxiety due to the changing
dynamics and blurred lines between work, home and family,” Dr.
Cynthia Zelis, chief medical officer for MDLIVE, said in the statement.

The survey also found men may be experiencing more sick day stress
than women. About 45 percent of men said they felt stressed about
sick days in 2020. In comparison, only 39 percent of women shared the
same sentiment.

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