A majority of American workers want to return to the office, at least on a part-time basis, according to a survey conducted by data-intelligence company Morning Consult for The New York Times.

“While workers who want to stay at home forever have been especially vocal about their demands, a silent majority of Americans do want to get back to the office,” the Times said.

Of the 950 workers polled in mid-August, about a third (31 percent) said they wanted to work from home full time. The rest wanted to be in the office at least a few days a week: 45 percent preferred full-time in-person work, while 24 percent wanted the option to work from the office or a remote location.

The newspaper noted that managers, new hires, “social butterflies” and people with small or crowded homes were among those who wanted to go back to the office.

“Some people just dislike the screen — their physicality and their proximity to others is a big part of what work looks like,” Tsedal Neeley, a Harvard Business School professor, told the daily.

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