Companies in San Diego allow remote work more than employers in other California cities, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported, citing a study that analyzed 27 U.S. technology hubs.

San Diego also ranked second in the nation for remote jobs compared with other U.S. cities, the report by Bay Area venture-capital firm Telstra Ventures found. It examined 250,000 job ads posted from March through May this year.

San Diego job postings bested other California cities, with 26 percent of jobs being remote friendly, compared with 18 percent in Silicon Valley and 14 percent in Los Angeles, it added.

Compared with tech hubs nationwide, San Diego was second only to Columbus, Ohio.

According to the report, software engineers — the most highly sought-after employees — were most likely to be offered remote work. Employees in product, design, marketing and sales were also often offered remote work. Senior positions were more likely to have such flexibility than junior roles, the study found.

“Companies are probably offering this as a competitive advantage,” Jonathan Serfaty, head of Telstra’s data science team, told The San Diego Union-Tribune. “It’s harder to hire for these senior positions. They also need less guidance and less support.”

Still, the report found that while venture-capital-backed San Diego companies offered flexibility, non-venture-backed companies were comparable to the national average, with just 9.4 percent of regular employers offering remote work.

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