Revolut Technologies Inc., a U.K.-based financial-technology firm, said it plans to allow most of its 2,000 employees to work from home permanently even after the pandemic eases and it is deemed safe to work from offices again.

As part of the move, the company has begun converting 70 percent of its office real estate into so-called Rev Labs, or “collaborative spaces for teamwork and in-person knowledge exchange.”

Revolut introduced a hybrid working policy at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak in early 2020 and “employees’ responses to company surveys have shown that the work-from-home measures were successful,” the company said in a statement on its website.

The firm’s workforce has worked exclusively from home since late March 2020, with minimal disruption to services, it added.

Revolut said that 98 percent of its staff reported that they have adapted well to remote work, while 90 percent of team leaders stated that performance was unaffected.

“Our people have told us that they really love the better balance they’ve achieved by working from home,” Jim MacDougall, vice president of people at Revolut, said in the statement.

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