Three-quarters of information-technology professionals in the U.S. feel that the shift to remote work during the pandemic made it harder for employees to follow good security practices, according to a survey by JumpCloud.

The top security concerns cited by IT workers in the survey were software vulnerabilities (39 percent) and using the same username and password across websites (37 percent).

In addition, 53 percent of respondents said managing remote work is the largest challenge IT administrators have faced in the last year, with almost all reporting having engaged a managed service provider (MSP) to assist them. Companies contracted MSPs to assist in areas of security (51 percent), employee hardware (46 percent) and cloud services (46 percent), the study said.

The survey also found that the top budget priorities for organizations in the coming year are remote management (58 percent), security (56 percent) and cloud services (50 percent).

JumpCloud, a Colorado-based cloud-directory platform , surveyed 401 U.S. IT decision makers in small and medium-sized enterprises, including managers, directors, vice presidents and executives on April 21-27, 2021.

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