Information technology professionals in Asia have lower productivity when working remotely than when working in the office, a Becker Friedman Institute survey found.

Remote IT workers spent about 30 percent more time working at home to produce the same results as when they worked in the office, the survey University of Chicago’s economic institute found. Many of the extra hours logged were spent in online meetings and administrative or coordination activities, one of the study’s authors, Friederike Mengel, told human-resources association SHRM.

While many everyday technology issues can be resolved quickly in the office, remote IT employees are likely to spend more time resolving issues on their own or via calls, according to Mengel.

Other studies show that employees want to come to the office, at least occasionally. An employee poll at Indium Software showed that 60 percent of employees wanted a hybrid-work model and only 20 percent wanted to work entirely from home.

The Becker Friedman Institute study was conducted using Sapience Analytics, a software program that tracks employee computer activity. It studied 10,00 workers during the period April 2019 to August 2020. Managers set performance goals through the software to measure employee output.

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