Jobs ads worldwide that featured the keyword “hybrid work” soared 464 percent in the third quarter ended September 2021, according to a study by GlobalData.

Positions mentioning “remote work” climbed 23 percent in the period from the prior quarter, the data and analytics firm said in the report.

“Remote and hybrid working models are the future of work as job seekers look for flexibility,” Ajay Thalluri, Business Fundamentals Analyst at GlobalData, said in the study. “These models are also beneficial to companies, removing spatial boundaries in terms of finding talent and potentially increasing the number of job applicants. Further, flexible working could be useful in countries where the impending threat of another wave of COVID-19 cannot be ruled out.”

“Compared to jobs related to ‘remote work’,  ‘hybrid work’ was the star of the show in Q3 2021. This model has grown exponentially – particularly since June 2021,” Thalluri added.

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