PepsicCo will allow half of the company’s office staff to work remotely on a permanent basis, while other employees can decide with their managers the best place for them to work, CNN Business reported.

“There are no limitations. There is no number of days you need to be in the office or a number of days you can be remote,” Sergio Ezama, PepsiCo’s chief talent officer and chief human resources officer, told the news channel.

According to, the Purchase, New York-based beverage manufacturer cited flexible work’s benefits in terms of employee performance and sustainability: Employers that offer flexible work see a 15 percent increase in productivity, 31 percent less absenteeism and 10 percent less turnover.

PepsiCo’s new “Work That Works” plan also will allow it to reduce its real-estate footprint by 15 percent, which will lead to less waste and lower energy use, the report said. In addition, the company believe that for every 100 employees who work from home twice a week will save 70 tons of greenhouse-gas emissions.

PepsiCo also expects its flexible work plan to allow it to gain access to a wider talent pool, said.

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