About a third of workers globally would consider quitting their jobs or retiring if given an ultimatum regarding an in-office return, according to a GitLab survey.

More than three-quarters (82 percent) of workers polled praised their leadership for understanding how to operate a team remotely, while the same number of respondents believe that “remote work is the future, and that they have the tools and processes now that they need to communicate with their teams,” Gitlab said.

The top 3 remote-work benefits to employers according to the employees surveyed are increased productivity (42 percent), increased efficiency (38 percent) and increased employee morale (31 percent), the poll found.

“We’re in the middle of a sea change: work is rapidly becoming more distributed, more global, more connected, and more asynchronous. But the future is very much unknown,” GitLab said in the study.

GitLab surveyed 3,900 workers across six continents for the poll.

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