The percentage of Japanese employees working from home has stalled despite the goal set by Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga on April 23, The Mainichi reported.

During a press conference, in which a third coronavirus state of emergency was declared for four prefectures, Suga called for 70 percent of employees to work remotely, according to the news site.

Since May 2020, when the remote work rate stood at its high of about 32 percent, the ratio of Japan’s workforce working from home has dropped and currently is hovering at around 20 percent. In January 2021, just before the second state of emergency was declared, the telework rate stood at 22 percent. In April 2021, it was 19.2 percent, according to the Japan Productivity Center.

“The telework rate has had nothing to do with the status of infections since the first declaration was lifted,” the daily cited an unidentified center representative as saying. The person was referring to the disconnect between the rate of remote work and the circulation of the coronavirus.

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