While three in four organizations in North America are operating under a hybrid work model, only one in five are confident that infrastructure security can support long-term remote work, according to a Sungard Availability Service survey.

The survey of 200 business leaders found that for 89 percent of companies, the ideal work arrangement is a mix of in-office and remote work and 83 percent plan to implement the model.

“Organizations plan to maintain hybrid work full time and need to be properly supported, which may require adjustments to technology and security policies,” Sungard AS Global Chief Security Officer Shawn Burke said in the report.

Most organizations agree strong that cybersecurity is key to successful remote work, while less than 1 in 10 are confident in they can protect against malware attacks, the survey found. Forty-three percent of business leaders said they need to improve technology or tech support to succeed with remote work, and 97 percent plan to adjust their business for more permanent remote work.

Of the tools considered essential, 79 percent of respondents rated security software that keeps devices safe as the top need, followed by a user-friendly system to securely share files (76 percent), the poll showed.

The study conducted between June 24, 2021, and August 1, 2021, polled IT, human-resource, and operations leaders within seven industries in North America.

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