A large majority (80 percent) of employees in Southeast Asia want to keep working remotely even after pandemic-related restrictions end, according to a survey by EY.

Fifteen percent of those polled want to return to the office full time when restrictions are lifted, the EY 2021 Work Reimagined Employee Survey found. Thirty-two percent prefer to work from anywhere, 29 percent want to work remotely full time and 23 percent seek a hybrid arrangement.

Almost all (90 percent) of those working in Southeast Asia want workplace flexibility — such as working two to three days a remotely — and more than a third want a shorter workweek, the EY study revealed. Sixty-seven percent want to travel for business moderately to extensively after the health crisis ends, it added.

If not offered workplace flexibility, 60 percent said they would consider leaving their job after the pandemic ends, the report said. Given a choice, half of respondents said they would prefer flexibility in when they work and 48 percent would prefer flexibility in where they work.

The survey, conducted in March 2021, received 16,264 responses from 16 countries, according to EY, a global advisory and consulting company.

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