Most American workers feel they are best suited to working in a hybrid environment versus full-time remote or full-time in-person arrangements, according to a survey by Cangrade.

More than half  (59 percent) of workers polled said they work best in a hybrid work arrangement, which allows them to split time between the office and a remote location. Seventeen percent said they thrive when working remotely on a full-time basis and 24 percent felt most successful when working in the office.

“Some employees’ soft skills make them naturally less inclined towards remote work. It is an organization’s job to support their current employees and help them build the soft skills that will see them through this transition away from in-person work,” Dr. Leana Epstein, a social psychologist and head of analytics at Cangrade, said in the study.

Cangrade, a provider of bias-free AI-based hiring solutions, surveyed over 2,000 American workers.

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