A majority (57 percent) of London workers would be happiest working in a hybrid schedule, even as most (60 percent) don’t care for their current remote work setup, The Evening Standard reported, citing a survey from LifeSearch.

About 14 percent said they’d consider leaving their current jobs if their employer did not offer a blend of remote work and in-person work, the survey showed. At the same time, only 13 percent of those polled have been asked for input by their employer.

“It is really important that employers are open and honest with their workers about what they expect of them, but also that they are listening to their concerns and offering the help, support and flexibility they need as we move into this next stage of the Covid-19 recovery,” LifeSearch’s Emma Walker said, according to the news publication.

Countrywide, 36 percent of workers would be happy to return to the office full time, compared with just 22 percent of Londoners, the survey revealed.

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