“Would you rather make $30k more switching to a new job that requires you to work in the office, or would you rather keep your current salary but WFH anywhere after covid?” asked a Goldman Sachs employee on the anonymous professional network Blind.

Of the 3,019 respondents from top U.S. companies, 64 percent said they’d rather work remotely than pocket a salary increase of $30,000. All of online real-estate marketplace Zillow respondents chose the remote option, while 71 percent of Airbnb, 81 percent of Lyft and 89 percent of Twitter respondents also chose permanent remote work over a raise.

Of the companies listed in the April 5 Blind post about this question, employees from only two companies chose the salary increase: JPMorgan Chase and Qualcomm.

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon is an outspoken critic of remote work, and recently called employees to come back to the office by July.

“There are many obstacles to returning to work,” the Blind post commented. “There are fears about commuting to work and reacclimating to the office environment, as well as potential conflicts between executives and staff over return-to-work policies.”

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