Eighty percent of organizations have increased their focus on identity security amid a surge in cybersecurity attacks during the global shift to remote work, according to a study by Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA).

Seventy-nine percent of organizations had an identity-related breach within the past two years, the poll found. In addition, 83 percent said remote work increased the number of identities and confidence in securing employee identities dropped from 49 percent to 32 percent in the last year.

“The past year forced organizations to recognize the importance of securing digital identities, whether maintaining employee productivity through secure access from anywhere, using any device, or transforming engagement with customers to secure online services,” Julie Smith, executive director of IDSA, said in the study.

Almost all (93 percent) of organizations believe they prevented or reduced the risk of security breaches through the implementation of identity-related outcomes, the survey showed. Sixty-four percent of companies polled said they have made changes to increase security.

IDSA is a nonprofit organization providing resources to assist companies in risk-reduction for cybersecurity. The study was based on an online survey of over 500 IT experts.

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