State employees of Montana who have been working remotely will begin returning their offices this month, the Associated Press reported.

On June 14, state agencies will ask at least 50 percent of their employees to be at their assigned worksites. Managers will be empowered to decide which employees will return during this stage of the process, according to a Department of Administration memo cited by the news agency.

Employees have been encouraged to get Covid-19 vaccinations, but masks will not be required except for those employees of facilities that are open 24 hours a day, such as prisons, nursing homes and psychiatric hospitals, the report said. Masks may also be required for those in close contact with the public such as social workers and probation officers.

At present, no new remote-work agreements will be granted, according to the report.

The Montana Federation of Public Employees, which represents state employees, appealed to Gov. Greg Gianforte to work with state employees to determine best practices, the report said.

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