For people who are willing to relocate and work remotely, the Natchez/Adams
County communities in Mississippi are ready to put $6,000 in their pocket if they move to their area.

To be sure, there are catches: The full $6,000 incentive won’t be paid out all at once to those who take the leap.

Those who are approved for the program initially will receive $2,500 for
relocation expenses. After that, the community will pay those new residents a
$300 monthly stipend for a year to help with living costs, according to the online presentation published by Shift South, which is organizing the remote worker incentive program for the two communities.

In addition, those accepted in the program must commit to purchasing a home in the county valued at no less than $150,000, it said.

“The purpose of this program is to grow the Natchez/Adams County community by attracting those individuals who can work from home and enjoy the unique quality of life along the bluff of the Mississippi River,” Shift South said.

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