The pandemic spawned a new technology market: one for remote and hybrid-work tools.

According to a New York Times report, employers spent $317 billion last year on technology for remote work, citing research company Gartner.

As countries move toward economic recovery, a May survey conducted by McKinsey found that nine out of 10 companies planned to implement hybrid-work plans post-pandemic, combing remote and on-site work. Hence the bonanza for remote-work tools is not over.

Still, experts warn that remote workers, less visible than their in-office colleagues, could miss out on raises and promotions. Apps created by startups such as Tandem, Pragli and Tribe intend to address that, offering teammates visibility on what their fellow teammates are doing by allowing spontaneous video calls and real-time collaboration, The New York Times reported/

These and other apps that bridge the gap between home and office workers may benefit from a remote-work-tool market that Gartner estimates will increase to $333 billion this year.

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