Most professionals don’t want to go back to an office-centric model post-Covid and Black professionals are even less eager to return to the office in the U.S., according to Future Forum’s Remote Employee Experience Index.

Of Black professionals currently working remotely, 97 percent prefer a hybrid or full-time remote working model, compared with 79 percent of White workers in the U.S., the report found. Only 3 percent of Black professionals want to return to full-time office work versus 21 percent of White professionals.

The survey also showed that 63 percent of workers worldwide favor a hybrid remote-office model. About 20 percent want to work remotely full time, while 17 percent would like to return a permanent return to the office.

Future Forum in a blog surmises that these numbers can be explained by a number of factors, including the reduced instances of “micro-aggression” and discrimination that Black workers can experience in the office.

“Hybrid and flexible working arrangements create the setting for these more positive working environments to exist and for an employee’s sense of belonging to increase,” Future Forum said in the post.

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