Disco, a Tokyo-based semiconductor-equipment company, is having employees who work from home will pay those who commute to the office for in-person work, The Seattle Times reported.

The firm uses an internal currency called “Will” and created a micro-economy in which sales teams pay factory workers to produce goods who then pay engineers for designs, the newspaper reported. When the pandemic hit, the company deployed a system that obliged those who worked remotely to pay a certain amount of Will, which was divided among those who worked in the office.

“Ordering some people to go in while others stay home is unfair. The company currency offers behavioral incentives and the choice is up to you. That’s the power of Will,” CEO Kazuma Sekiya told The Seattle Times.

About 40 percent of employees chose to work in person and earned bonuses at the beginning of the pandemic, according to the news publication. Disco, which employs about 5,600 employees, reported record profit in 2020.

“We had to prove to employees that going to work isn’t scary,” Sekiya was quoted as saying by the newspaper. “Although some felt that it was harsh and several people have quit.”

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