Human resources professionals in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. expect a surge of hybrid or fully remote positions in higher education, according to a survey by EAB.

Staff working on a hybrid schedule will rise to 23 percent post-pandemic from just 6 percent before the virus outbreak, while fully remote work will increase from 6 percent to 8 percent post-pandemic, the survey found.

Information technology, finance and procurement offices are expected to have the largest increase of university employees working remotely or hybrid, the poll revealed. Those working in academic advising will experience a minimal increase. Two-thirds of universities surveyed plan to allow for three or more days a week to be worked entirely in a remote arrangement, EAB said.

Forty-two percent of HR officials said new hires would have immediate eligibility to work remotely, while 14 percent would allow for full remote work after in-person onboarding, according to the study. The remaining 44 percent would require all new hires to work on campus before gaining eligibility to work remotely.

EAB is an education research and consulting firm. The survey polled 50 HR leaders from higher-education institutions in May 2021.

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