Havas, a global advertising and PR firm, told its U.S. employees that they must return to the office three days a week starting on November 1, Campaign US reported.

The Paris-based company implemented the hybrid model after the agency evaluated the different needs and appetites among clients and employees,  the report said, citing an email from Stephanie Nerlich, CEO of Havas Creative Network, North America.

“We learned a tremendous amount through the pandemic work experience, including that remote work has great value,” Nerlich said. “We also learned that in our business, purely remote work has real costs and that it doesn’t work for all people, all things and all the time.”

“Hybrid work allows us to capitalize on all that we’ve learned in a best-of-both approach and has a long list of proven benefits – from improved employee experience and mental wellbeing to optimized collaboration and productivity,” she added.

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