Google employees are calling out senior Google executive Urs Hölzle after he sent a memo stating that he and his wife would be moving to New Zealand to work remotely, according to a report by CNET.

“After three decades in the U.S., my wife and I both felt it was time to consider a new location,” Hölzle, one of Google’s first 10 employees, wrote in a company memo cited by CNET. “We’ve decided to spend a year in New Zealand and see how we like it.”

Some company employees called the approval of the executive’s move “hypocritical,” as lower-level employees must go through a long and tenuous approval process to work remotely, CNET said. Hölzle’s relocation particularly enraged rank-and-file employees because he had spoken out against remote work, staff members told the news site.

One employee told CNET that Hölzle had a policy of not letting people work remotely unless they were assigned to an office and that he wouldn’t consider remote work for people who hadn’t reached a certain level of seniority.

The CNET report said that a Google spokesman declined to comment on those assertions, but said every employee may request remote work.

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