Google will relax  its remote-work plans and provide more flexibility regarding employees’ location, hours and lifestyle, CEO Sundar Pichai said.

The search-engine giant will allow employees to work three days in the office and the remaining two “where they work best,” according to the nature of their responsibilities, Pichai wrote in a post sent to company staff on May 5.

The CEO expects 60 percent of Google’s employees to work on site, 20 percent from home and the remaining 20 percent will work in new locations around the globe, he added.

In addition, employees have the opportunity to opt for permanent remote work, along with location transfers, Pichai said.

The company will also offer “work-from-anywhere” opportunities spanning up to four weeks away from an employee’s main location, as well as “reset” days to “help employees recharge during the pandemic” this year, he added.

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