Google approved 85 percent of the 10,000 requests it had received by July 2 from staff requesting remote work or relocation, Business Insider reported.

Previously the company had raised worker hackles when a senior vice president announced he would be working from New Zealand, although he had opposed remote work for lower-level employees.

The company has also delayed its back-to-office plans from September to mid-October, the news site said.

In this first round of worker requests, 55 percent were from employees asking to transfer to a different office and 45 percent were requests for remote work. Each application was reviewed several times, including “fairness checks at three stages of the process,” the company told the news site.

Google denied requests from workers whose positions required access to equipment at certain locations, according to Insider.

It also denied requests in locales that had “made a commitment to invest in key growth sites and are working to build their teams and critical mass in those particular hubs,” the company told the news site.

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