Many employees want to continue with remote work post-pandemic while some employers are pushing for a return to the office — and this is creating tension, an Oracle employee wrote in a  LinkedIn post.

“I find it interesting (stupid) how WFH was considered a ‘vital necessity’ to keep companies afloat last year… But now that companies want people back in the office — fully remote work is being treated like a recruiting perk or bonus,” Lauren Pope wrote in the post.

The post went viral, with thousands responding in agreement with her sentiment. Still, many held differing opinions.

“This is a really entitled perspective. You can believe you kept their business afloat, but they also kept your household afloat by keeping you employed during a time when many businesses screeched to a halt,” responded Natalie Austin, an EHR marketing manager at Remarkable Health.

Many of the comments responding to the post supported continued remote work post-pandemic as it provides a greater work-life balance.

“Forgive me if I choose to put time with my son ahead of the dividends of property magnates. The three hours a day that I used to commute are better spent enjoying time with my family, staving off exhaustion and perhaps, even, exercising,” wrote Mark Weston, a data-protection officer at Transunion.

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