The responsibilities of Facebook’s head of remote work, Annie Dean, include overseeing technology tools, benefits, home-office equipment, onboarding and training, Human Resource Executive reported.

Dean was hired as Facebook’s first director of remote work at the end of last year, when the social network embraced remote work for the long term. Facebook’s solidified its stance last month when it announced last month that almost all of its workers could request permanent telework.

The creation of Dean’s position as director of remote work was part of the company’s plans to manage this change.

At a recent REMOTE by GitLab virtual conference, Dean detailed the tech giants’ foundational principles of remote work “and how Facebook is pivoting to become a remote-first company,” the news publication wrote. The executive’s role is focused on building relationships in the virtual environment and understanding how to “calibrate all aspects of the employee journey,” she was cited as saying.

“Remote forces you to do the things you should be doing earlier and better and creates discipline that will sustain your culture as you scale,” she said at the conference.

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