Business leaders in the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) region are out of touch with what employees want from a hybrid work schedule, which would allow both in-office and remote work, a survey found.

Two-thirds of EMEA employees say that a work location and schedule that is beneficial to family life is important, while only 49 percent of business leaders agree with that sentiment, according to an April 20 survey from Unisys Corporation.

Similarly, 51 percent of employees in the region say that empowering teams and individuals is essential, while only 31 percent of business leaders agree. Still, 55 percent of business leaders say access to the most recent technology is key to an ideal employee experience, while this is important to 43 percent of employees, the study found.

EMEA business leaders were much more concerned about the practicalities of working from home than employees on subjects including communicating with other team members (38 percent for leaders, 24 percent for employees), management oversight and visibility (38 percent and 7 percent), possible difficulties in accessing data (38 percent and 11 percent) and using unfamiliar remote technologies (41 percent and 10 percent), it said.

“This survey shows how varied the perceptions are on a modern, digital workplace,” Kevin Turner, EMEA digital workplace strategy lead at Unisys, said in the study.

The Unisys-sponsored research surveyed more than 1,100 respondents across 15 countries in EMEA.

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