Deloitte, an international accounting firm, will let its 20,000 U.K. workers decide when or if they come into the office once the pandemic subsides, The Guardian reported.

While the company had been office-centric before the health crisis, a new policy will allow employees to decide “when, where and how they work,” according to the rep;ort.

Deloitte will use its office space for team collaboration, training and client meetings after making sure their plans suited clients and individual team members, The Guardian said. An in-house survey reported that 81 percent of Deloitte’s workers expected to work from home up to two days a week, it added.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for us to embrace the benefits from the last 16 months of being able to spend more time at home, while our people can be flexible in the way they work and reconnect with their colleagues and the office as needed,” Deloitte CEO Richard Houston was cited as saying.

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