According to an Indeed November survey of American technology workers who have switched to full-time remote work, 95 percent of those who have the option will work from home permanently.

About 60 percent of IT professionals said they’re even willing to take a pay cut to continue working from home, and 55 percent said if they change jobs, they’d want one with flexible work options, the poll conducted by job-posting site Indeed found.

Michael Dell, who created the $94 billion computer company that bears his name, says the writing is on the wall.

In a March interview with the website CRN, he cites the example of one company that demands that their employees come in to the office five days a week and another that offers a more flexible option, allowing them to work from where they want on certain days.

“Now, which company do you think is a more attractive place to work? This is not really a hard test,” he said. “What we definitely see is this hybrid, work-from-anywhere situation is going to continue.”

Dell acknowledged that the situation creates opportunity for his company as people update their home offices and — when employees return to the office, a year and a half after they left — office equipment will also need to be updated.

He’s convinced that Dell’s sales surge will continue through this year.

“We estimate 16 million (workers) in the United States alone don’t have either the right device or right kind of access,” he said.

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