Credit Suisse Group plans to introduce a hybrid-work model allowing employees “maximum flexibility,” the Luxembourg Times reported.

The investment bank, which employs about 13,000 people in Switzerland, will leave decisions about how much time workers spend outside the office to managers and their teams, the news site said, citing a statement from Credit Suisse.

The policy also will be rolled out to its 49,000 international employees across four businesses and regions, depending on the Covid-19 guidelines of each country, it added.

“As we prepare for a post-pandemic world, our aim is to become more flexible and agile when it comes to working arrangements,” Credit Suisse Switzerland CEO Andre Helfenstein was cited as saying.

The company conducted a six-month study to understand employee’s performance under various work models, the news site said, adding that the survey found workers under flexible models were the happiest and most productive, and that they wanted to spend two-thirds of their time working at home or a non-office location.

Credit Suisse did not specify a required number of workdays employees must spend in the office, unlike other investment banks, such as Deutsche Bank and Citigroup, the report said.

Credit Suisse’s flexible work plan contrasts with those of some U.S.-based banks, including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase, which require bankers to return to full-time in-office work.

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