Cisco Systems Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer Chuck Robbins said employees of the U.S.-based technology conglomerate are suffering from having to work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think we sort of moved into that phase where people actually struggle mentally, people are – they’re not enjoying it,” Robbins said during an earnings call, HRD reported on February 11.

“One of our employees said to me the other day, ‘I don’t mind the option of working from home. I don’t like being forced to work from home,’” he said.

Robbins added he expects that once the pandemic crisis ends, the company will opt for a hybrid work arrangement rather than continuing with 100 percent remote. This would give employees the flexibility to work from home on certain days depending on their role and the requirements of the business, he said.

“I really believe it’s going to be hybrid … where [people are] going to work from home three days a week and work from the office two days a week and vice-versa,” Robbins said.

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