Baker McKenzie expects lawyers and employees to return to their North American offices at the beginning of September, Above the Law reported.

Chief Executive Officer Colin Murray expects some work still will be performed remotely in the future, while the success of the firm is reliant on some form of in-person work, the news site wrote.

While the Chicago-based company isn’t open to having fully remote partners, the law firm will continue to operate virtually to some degree.

“We don’t always need to have in-person meetings,” Above the Law cited Murray as telling American Lawyer in an interview.

“We can now do things virtually, and I think that will continue,” he said, adding “I don’t see us evolving towards a model where our people are scattered all over the place. We’ve got 16 offices in North America, and I think we’ll have an expectation that, if you’re affiliated with an office, that’s your home base of operations.”

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