Almost half (46 percent) of Mexican workers want their companies to offer a hybrid work option, according to a survey by LinkedIn.

About 28 percent of employees in the country prefer to work remotely full time, while about a quarter (26 percent) would rather perform their job at the office.

When asked why they would like to return to the office either on a full- or part-time basis, the workers noted change of scenery to their home (44 percent), a higher sense of being productive and successful in the office (43 percent). Forty percent said they miss working alongside their colleagues.

The workers also cited that a return to office would help them with the progress of their professional careers (26 percent)  while it also would boost their physical and mental health by making them less sedentary (24 percent).

“We are at a decisive point that will define the future of the world of work, not only in Mexico, but throughout the region, in which companies must focus their efforts to ensure a work environment that meets the expectations and needs of employees. professionals ” Ramiro Luz, leader of talent solutions for LinkedIn Latin America, said in the report. “Remote work has provided us with important lessons since the pandemic began and, without a doubt, it is here to stay as one of the most important work schemes today.”

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