Adobe will allow its employees to work in a hybrid arrangement beginning July 14, with staff spending only half their time in the office, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

The software company will welcome back employees at a 50 percent capacity at its San Jose, Calif., location, with other U.S. offices following suit throughout the year, the news site wrote. Adobe has no plans to reduce its real-estate footprint despite the shift to hybrid work, it added.

“We expect to double the size of our remote-worker population over time as we learn and iterate on making this model successful,” Gloria Chen, Adobe’s HR chief, wrote in a blog post.

Other Bay Area technology companies, such as Salesforce, also have announced plans for hybrid-work models.

Salesforce calls its hybrid program “Success From Anywhere,” meaning “everyone can finally work where, when and how they’ll make the most impact,” the San Jose Mercury News reported. Google and Facebook also plan to implement flexible arrangements for the post-pandemic workplace.

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