Full-time telecommuting for Manhattan workers is nearing an end as the state reopens and employees return to offices, a survey by a Partnership for New York City revealed.

Sixty-two percent of Manhattan’s workforce (about 1 million) could return to their offices after Labor Day, the report found. Still, 71 percent of employers plan to adopt a hybrid work arrangement, with most requiring three days in-office.

A quarter of Manhattan employers will require full-time in-person work and only four percent said they will not require employees in the office at all, according to the survey.

Despite 84 percent of employers reporting employees have raised concern about personal health in returning to the office, 72 percent of employers will not require Covid-19 vaccines, the study found. Twenty-nine percent of employees could be back in office by the end of July, it added.

The Partnership for New York City is a nonprofit organization and conducted the survey between May 17 and June 2.

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