About 8 million Poles have worked remotely during the pandemic, with a majority of them doing so using a hybrid work model, The First News reported.

In addition, 55 percent of Polish employees said their job enabled remote work if necessary, the news site reported, citing a survey by ING Bank Slaski. About a fifth (22 percent) work remotely full time, it added.

Twenty-eight percent of Polish employees don’t think they will work remotely once the pandemic ends and about a quarter (24 percent) believe they will work from home less than one day per week when the health crisis ends, the survey found.

More than three-quarters (81 percent) of Polish workers said their personal living space was not a concern for carrying out remote-work tasks, the study revealed. Fifty-six percent of those polled said working remotely allowed them to achieve a work-life balance and 54 percent reported working more effectively from home.

“Teleconferences, however, do not suit us: 62 percent of those working remotely prefer to meet their colleagues in person,” the news site cited Karol Pogorzelski, an ING Bank economist, as saying in the study.

The ING Financial Barometer surveyed 14 countries in December 2020, polling a total of 13,782 people and 1,021 from Poland, according to the report.

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